Sightings Survey

Online Sightings Survey

Here's a link to the online survey to submit sightings.

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As of September 2014, we have adapted our survey to become more user-friendly (we hope) and to allow us to collect data over the long-term for years to come.

Detailed help on using the survey can be found on our Project Info page here.

Be aware of the difference between sightings collected at your residence versus the sightings you happen to gather while hiking or driving, etc.  We explain why this difference is important here.

This is why we ask for your address and how long you have lived at your current address, and why we separate observations made at your home and those made randomly at other places.

It is also why we still need people to tell us if they have not seen any of these animals on their property: because you have regularly observed your property over the years, the fact you may have not seen some or all of these animals can tell us something about their distributions as well.  The same assumption of ongoing and regular observation cannot be made with the incidental sightings.