Developments in Wild Suburbia (for NY and CT groups only)

Hi everyone -

We have switched Wild Suburbia - NY & CT from our custom online survey to the inaturalist platform. This was to make the survey more user-friendly and more usable for us when it came time to download and analyze the data.

The new project is here:

So what's the difference?
From 2012 - 2014, we encouraged people to submit sightings from their property and from anywhere else, and the two types of observations were treated differently in our analysis (currently in the final stages) as we could make different assumptions about each type of submission.

Our diligent young intern, Ben, is putting together a big analysis of our 2012 - 2014 data and plans to present his findings at the Northeast Natural History Conference this spring. We will keep you informed on how that is going.

From here forward however, we will not make the distinction between "At-Home" and "Elsewhere" sightings, now will we collect negative sightings, eg, "I did not see species X."

This limits somewhat our ability to perform certain analyses but in the end it is simpler for our users and will allow us to shift the project to a long-term monitoring effort. We hope WS can continue for many, many years and we can examine trends in how these animals live and adapt (or fail to do so) in suburbia.

Our midwest chapter will continue to use the old-style survey and paper forms.
This website will continue to be a repository for info and updates. We will also post on the inaturalist project home for updates related to the NY & CT effort. Please feel free at any time to contact us at

Thanks to everyone who has participated and continues to help us!