Wild Suburbia Update - 11/1/2013

Dear WS Participants,

Hello from the Wild Suburbia Project! We hope you are all enjoying the change of seasons.

We wanted to send out a much-belated update to our research partners, first, to thank you for being part of the project and second, give a few updates on what has been going on.

First off, we are very happy with the number of sightings you have given us.  We're up to 300+ but would ideally like to hit 1,000 by the time we pull it all together and start analyzing (although 500 would be fine).  So please recruit your friends!

We have updated our website quite a bit if you have not already seen it.

  • Our sightings maps are updated as of mid-October.  Included are only the residential sightings, for now.
  • New page: Living with Wildlife - Here you can get some info and hopefully some food for thought about living near wildlife
  • Pictures - Many of you have submitted pictures along with your surveys.  This page displays some of your pictures.  If you have a picture to send or any other questions or comments, please write us at wildsuburbiaproject@gmail.com 

We have scheduled another training/informational workshop at Bedford Audubon on Nov 13 at 7pm.  Feel free to come and ask us questions or bring interested friends to learn about the project.

We hope to continue collecting observations through the Spring of 2014, and will begin analyzing your data soon thereafter.  We will continue to update the online maps (semi-)monthly as new observations come in.  Please continue as always to keep us updated of any sightings you have on our online survey.

In other but related news, please check out our other urban wildlife research study, the Gotham Coyote Project, which incidentally will be featured on PBS Nature January 22 in our area.

Thank you to all of our participants and to the various nature centers and conservation organizations that have helped us spread the word and encourage participation from their members and supporters.  It has been a real team effort.